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Property & Estate Management

At North Shore Property Group we offer a unique hands on approach to cost effectively operate, maintain and upgrade your tangible assets to ensure sustainability in your returns and long term value. Benefit from our personalised set of services for your property.

Administrative Services

  • 24 hour service and support

  • Repairs and Maintenance (Assess & Supervise)

  • Evaluate and recommend purchases of equipment, material and supplies required for regular maintenance

  • Provide an emergency service telephone number and immediate response to emergencies

  • Tenant placement, screening and leasing 

  • Preparing property for rental 

  • Maintain an up-to-date list of all tenants

  • Site inspections, reporting and follow-up 

  • Hiring and supervising subcontractors, trades and site employees 

  • Administration, communication and correspondence 

  • Enforcement of declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations 

  • Sending out notices to tenants

  • Management of grounds maintenance team including: Cleaning, landscaping, garbage removal, painting, and all repairs to the common elements



Financial Services

  • Rental Collection & monthly payments to the landlord

  • Monthly account statements 

  • Preparation of the monthly budgets

  • Disbursements with detailed account of all transactions

  • Provide administration for Security Deposits

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